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MySpace : Welcome to the MySpace Toolbox landing page! This page is here to help you find the BEST MySpace Layouts, MySpace Backgrounds, MySpace Editor and Music Video Codes, MySpace Music Codes and general MySpace Codes. We also have a huge searchable selection of MySpace Images at your disposal.

What is MySpace? : MySpace.com started way back in the late 1990's as a website that offered free online disk space (hence the name "My Space") to users and the user's disk quota would increase as he or she referred more users to the service. This first attempt was unsuccessful and the site shut down in the middle of 2001. MySpace was later relaunched as a site to host artist pages for musicians and bands in the Los Angeles area. The principal people behind the development at this time were Chris DeWolfe and Tom Anderson (well-known in the MySpace community as simply "Tom" or "MySpace Tom"). Over time MySpace grew as a social networking site, comparable to Friendster as people could link to the webpages of others. Relatively "loose" coding allowed users to personalize their MySpace pages at will and personalization of MySpace pages with Layouts, Images, Graphics and Music Videos quickly became deeply seeded in the culture of MySpace. MySpace's culture is now defined by provocative personal profiles and a highly social "meat market" atmosphere of interaction. This culture made those of competitors like Friendster seem "stuffy" in comparison and appears to have helped slingshot its user base past that of competitors in a relatively short period of time. MySpace is so popular that myriad websites have sprung up providing MySpace Layouts, MySpace Backgrounds, MySpace Editors, Music Videos, MySpace Images, and other tools. MySpace Toolbox strives to be the best among all of these, providing simple, easy-to-use tools without a spammy interface or intrusive ads.

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